Geography Quizzes: These interactive Quizzes will help you rapidly learn the locations of the countries and capitals of the world.
Language Tutorials and Quizzes
Country Quizzes
Africa map Hard
    Central Africa New
    Northern Africa New
    Southern Africa New
Asia map
Australia & Oceania
Caribbean Beta
Europe map  Hard
    Europe Easy
    Eastern Europe New
    Western Europe New
Middle East map
North America map
Oceania map
South America map
Country Capitals Quizzes
Africa Capitals
Asia Capitals
Europe Capitals
Middle East Capitals
North America Capitals
South America Capitals
States, and Provinces Quizzes
Australia New
Canada New
Germany Beta
United States

States and Provinces Capitals Quizzes
Australia New
Canada New
U.S. Capitals
Bodies of Water Quizzes
World's Longest Rivers New
World Lakes New
World Oceans and Seas
     Atlantic Ocean
     Indian Ocean
     Pacific Ocean
Africa Water
Europe Water Beta
    Rivers Beta
    Lakes Beta
    Seas Beta
North America WaterBeta
    Rivers Beta
    Lakes Beta
Middle East Water
    Rivers & Lakes
South American Water
Mountain Quizzes

World's Highest Mountains
Mountain Ranges
    World Ranges Beta
    Europe Ranges Beta     North American Beta
    Middle East


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